China to strengthen cooperation with Africa on health, development


Chinese President Xi Jinping said on Friday that China will continue to promote cooperation with African countries on health and development.

China's 51 years of medical assistance to Africa


May 6 was the day for removing the gauzes of the patients who had regained their sight after receiving the surgeries provided by the "Bright Journey" campaign.

Chinese medical team: angels in white coats


In April 1963, a 13 person-strong Chinese medical team on an international train from Beijing to Moscow detoured to Algeria in North Africa.

Chinese medical teams win respect around the world


In the last half century Chinese medical aid teams have entered 66 countries and regions and treated 260 million patients who previously had access to only poor medical technology.

TV documentary tells China's medical assistance to Africa


"Border for Doctors," a four-episode TV documentary depicting China's medical assistance to Africa, has been hailed as an excellent piece showcasing China-Africa cooperation and friendship.

50-year friendship between China and Congo runs deep


Among the 24th group of Chinese medical teams to aid the Republic of the Congo, there is a radiologist named Liu Xiaodong.

Feature: Chinese doctor brings TCM to Namibia


"It is a place you have difficulty finding the right direction; I always felt as if the sun rose in the west," this is the first sentence Li wrote in his new book about his experiences in Africa.

Chinese medical team’s work abroad: 1966-2014


For a long time, by providing medical aid, China has contributed immensely to improving world health. Batches of medical teams travelled to the places in need.

Chinese medical team's work abroad: 2016-2018


For a long time, by providing medical aid, China has contributed immensely to improving world health. Batches of medical teams travelled to the places in need.

China donates medicines to Uganda's friendship hospital


China donated medicines and medical supplies to China-Uganda Friendship Hospital in the Ugandan capital Kampala.

Chinese medical staff helps in Mauritania


The Chinese embassy in Mauritania celebrates the 50th anniversary of the first medical team sent to African nation.

Chinese medical team completes first thoracotomy operation in Guinea


​On a morning in October, 2017, the doctors of the China-Guinea Friendship Hospital were as busy as usual. A middle-aged Guinean woman knocked on the door of the chest surgery clinic. Wang Yang spoke with her to learn about her situation.

'Healthy Silk Road' benefits people's lives


An emergency cesarean operation put the Chinese medical team in a tricky place in the night of December 4, 2016. The Chinese medical workers are stationed in Madagascar, one of the poorest countries in Africa.

The legacies left by Chinese Medical Teams: View


As the needs of recipient countries developed we continued to innovate the work of foreign-aid medical teams, explore cooperation between medical institutions, invite medical staff from recipient countries to come to China for short-term clinical training, and send short-term medical teams.

Chinese medical team: a never leaving friend


As a model of South-South cooperation, China-Africa health cooperation is a vital part of China-Africa cooperation and has written many moving chapters for China-Africa friendship.

Medical teams cement China-Africa Ties


The Chinese and African peoples have extended mutual support in the struggle for national independence and liberation and carried out wholehearted cooperation in national rejuvenation, ensuring the happiness of their peoples and upholding the noble cause of world peace.

The year of 2018 marks the 55th anniversary of the establishment of Chinese medical team. Over the past 55 years, medical team members dedicated themselves in foreign medical aid and played an irreplaceable role in strengthening the friendship and cooperation between China and recipient countries.

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Medical and health care is a major field where China directs its foreign assistance. From 2010 to 2012, China helped recipient countries improve their medical and health services, raise their disease control and prevention ability, and enhance their public health capacity by constructing hospitals, providing medicine and medical equipment, dispatching medical teams, training medical workers and conducting exchanges and cooperation on disease prevention and treatment with other developing countries.

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